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My Story

My Story

Krystal Bailey

Owner & CEO

Creative Chaos Studio is a Baltimore-based Paint Party company that specializes in customized canvases for sip & paint events. I also travel for private paint parties and incorporate karaoke for an extra bit of excitement! 

I left my stressful desk job in 2022 because, after 11 years of working as an Administrative Assistant in Towson, it just wasn’t creative enough. Painting was just a relaxing hobby for me at that point, but I decided to launch a company that focuses on helping others have more fun while improving themselves through creative self-expression. 

Painting has been proven to improve concentration & critical thinking skills, reduce stress, depression, & anxiety, and increase self-esteem. 

So, if you’re looking to celebrate, let me provide a surprisingly entertaining way to relax with your friends during a one-of-a-kind painting experience!

My Mission

My mission is to introduce the many benefits of creative wellness, regardless of skill level, with the help of customized pre-printed canvases to guide you on your artistic self-care journey. 

Black woman making a silly face while wearing paint brushes in her hair and paint splatters all over her face and clothes
My Mission

Creative Chaos- That inspiring moment when imagination & artistic resourcefulness combine to form a vision. It seems chaotic to others, but it produces a brilliantly cohesive design

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